Our Neighborhood Association’s committee structure was created about 12 years ago. There were several reasons to go to this system. (See The Ventura Village Committee Structure and Rules of Operation of November 11, 2014)

  • Committees were meant to give the Board more flexibility to the future opportunities and challenges in our neighborhood.
  • They provide a format for a more complete discussion and consideration of issues that could not be covered in the Board of Directors / General Membership structure of the neighborhood.
  • Committees give members with special interest or expertise an opportunity to participate to the benefit of the neighborhood.

Currently 4 Committees meet and report to the Board of Directors and general membership on a regular basis.

They are:
The purpose of this committee is to reduce crime and increase the personal safety of all members of our community. Its strategies have changed in response to the challenges our city has experienced recently. While we fully support the Minneapolis Police Department we have also supported and worked with the AIM Patrol and the Southside Peacekeeping Coalition. Working with our neighborhood Crime Prevention Specialist has also been vital.

We define community engagement as the way we interact with the organizations and individuals around us. The diversity of our neighborhood is so great that we try to support and promote the work of these groups and organizations.. Thus we have formed partnerships with them. We support 2 local radio stations KALY, which broadcasts to the East African community and KRSM, which broadcasts to our entire neighborhood and especially to our BIPOC population.
We sponsor a page in the Alley, a free newspaper, which since 1976 has focused on the Phillips Neighborhood. In the past year we have highlighted more than 44 organizations or events in our neighborhood on that page. We encourage leaders in these organizations to write on our page.

We have tabled or had a major presence at 5 outdoor events this summer and fall;: the NACC Health Fair, Open Streets – Franklin Avenue, The Waite House Health Fair, the Southside Peacekeeping Event on September 9th, and Norway House’s grand opening on October 15th.
We thank these partners for these opportunities.

When the Neighborhood Organization began in 1999 one of its first priorities was to develop a comprehensive land use plan. Since most of the neighborhood’s real estate is developed this committee addresses development opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Our support is recognized by the City as a positive resource to aid developers achieve success.

The purpose of this committee is to enhance the wellness of Ventura Village residents through optimized physical activities, social networking, support for home and community gardens, urban farming and healthy eating activities.