June General Membership Proposed Agenda

Wednesday 12th, 2024 – 7:00pm

ICCM (1812 Park Ave) AND ZOOM (includes phone in option)
Times listed are estimates and are not “times certain” 

7:00 Introductions/Correspondence 

7:10 ACTION: Approval of June 12, 2024 proposed agenda 

7:15 ACTION: Approval of May 8, 2024 minutes 

7:20 ACTION:

Recommendation 2406-1: Ask that 1019 East 21st Street be declared a disorderly house under Minnesota State law due to drug dealing, off-leash pit bulls attacking people, property crimes committed by people dealing and buying drugs, and threats to neighbors and that Ventura Village contact the County and City attorneys about enforcing the law, ask the police to conduct an investigation and contact other politicians who can intervene to stop the criminal activity.

Recommendation 2406-2: Support Norway House in organizing a meeting of all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive program that pools resources to change the perception and behavior of people causing the problems around Chicago and Franklin Avenues. 

Recommendation 2406-3: Send a letter to Council Member Osman asking him to intervene in getting the benches removed from the Southwest corner of Peavey Park.

Recommendation 2406-4: Allocate $500 to support a socializing component for the following groups: Franklin Avenue clean-up club, graffiti removal club, 911/311 email tree, movie night club, and crime prevention club.

Recommendation 2406-5: Cancel the July 2024 committee meetings and the August 2024 board and membership meetings

Recommendation 2406-6: Hire a professional consultant to conduct board training at a maximum cost of $3,000. 

Recommendation 2406-7: Pay the monthly electric bill for up to 5 lights on Xcel Energy-owned poles as part of a trial program to improve lighting and safety.

ACTION: To support ICCM’s request for a permit for their annual event taking place August 15th in ICCM’s Life Center parking lot and August 16th in Peavey Park. 

7:30 CCP/SAFE Crime & Safety – Update

7:50 City Council – Update

8:15 Committee Reports 

1) Wellness, Gardening & Greening (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

2) Community Engagement (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

3) Parks (Peavey/PCC) (TBA)            

4) Crime & Safety – (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

5) Housing & Land (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

6) Executive Committee  

7) Treasurer’s Report (NCR/NCEC)

8:25 New Business and Old Business – 

8:30 ACTION: Adjourn 

Ventura Village invites and encourages participation by all.  If you require an accommodation in order for you to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know at least five days in advance by emailing villageventura@gmail.com, or by calling 612-548-1598